Rows of vines, freshness divine,
A balance of acid and flora,
The finest of wines.
Altitude, you thrive in mighty Mendoza,
If we are varietals, you are elegant Catena Adrianna.

Roses are red, violets are blue,
What is your color?
Deep indigo with a tinge of ruby hue.

Sniff, quaff, swizzle,
Magic of life on a mystery ride.
Raspberries, cherries, violets and lavendar,
Bloom and flower, a summer’s drizzle.

Smooth tannis rich and full,
Hints of cassis, a touch of spice.
Sweet scented lover’s wine,
Intoxicated, you’re my ecstasy and lullaby.

I still wish you fields of shamrock green,
Each petal brings a wish,
An abundance of warmth from family and friends,
Happiness that never ends.