Life is a journey and I see it as chapters of a book. Metaphorically, the book is our fate and the unfinished chapters are destiny. Some say life is a race but perhaps we should run it at our own pace. Given time and with each experience, we are able to explore, create spaces, improve inwardly and outwardly.

But pace is subjective. It is both quantifiable and unmeasurable. Some think 3 months is a lifetime and it is only the beginning come 3 years.

I guess in the pursue of happiness I have somewhat taken a back seat, it is to so come what may.



The Seas.

How brightly gleams the trackless seas,
How lightly dance the waves that play.
The restless waters seemed to say,
How many thousands miles away.

The sky still wears a crimson streak,
Some briny drops are on my cheeks.
I heaved a sign of cherished grief,
Listless apathy takes relief.


Other than work, errands and superficial brief interactions, I’ve been spending time alone. After all it’s not a bad thing to be lost in a familiar territory; my world. Few can tell if I’m socially and/or emotionally isolating myself, it’s voluntarily. Time, waiting or forgetting, I think I’m quite done with that. Perhaps I just need more solitude than others. Perhaps I’m already tired.

Am I functioning? Yes, I conceal that very well.

Stoned walls enclosed spaces,
Crossing boundaries blurring edges.
Barbed wires dirty mire,
Come what may set it on fire.

Make a wish they said,
I did, I’d hoped you’d stayed.

No.5 Emerald Hill.

Near Somerset Orchard sits a charming, quaint and rustic cocktail bar which is well stocked with Martinis. Gin or Vodka lovers will like their Martini cocktails. Earl Grey, Lychee, Choya, Peach, Daiquiri.

Half filled a glass of poet’s wine,
Drink, for tomorrow shall be fine.
My journey is lovely dark & deep,
Miles to go before I sleep.
Father, hallowed be thy name,
Your kingdom come.
Will I ever see you again?
Rest with the angels,
My soul to keep.