Pink Dot.

Hold on to your heart,
If only there is light.
Everything that seems lovely,
Is but a dreamy kind delight.

If I could keep your heart for a day,
A fire on the hearth I would lay.
If I could walk miles with you,
Across the glorious blue on a rainbow hue.

Grasping cold your beauty unfolds,
On a winter’s night your whispers ride.
Vivaldi’s four seasons softly plays,
Into melancholia you carry my soul.
Are you a reason or are you here to stay.


True beauty is not in its facial,
It’s reflected in one’s soul.
A little touch from heaven,
Imagination overflows.

You captivate from within,
A passion flower that grows.

A warm glow of embers,
Licking flames spring to life.
As if you’re on fire,
You set one’s heart ablazed with desires.

“As if you’re a fire from within, the moon lives in the lining of your skin.” – Pablo Neruda


Rows of vines, freshness divine,
A balance of acid and flora,
The finest of wines.
Altitude, you thrive in mighty Mendoza,
If we are varietals, you are elegant Catena Adrianna.

Roses are red, violets are blue,
What is your color?
Deep indigo with a tinge of ruby hue.

Sniff, quaff, swizzle,
Magic of life on a mystery ride.
Raspberries, cherries, violets and lavendar,
Bloom and flower, a summer’s drizzle.

Smooth tannis rich and full,
Hints of cassis, a touch of spice.
Sweet scented lover’s wine,
Intoxicated, you’re my ecstasy and lullaby.

I still wish you fields of shamrock green,
Each petal brings a wish,
An abundance of warmth from family and friends,
Happiness that never ends.


Life’s a journey,
Don’t imprison yourself in the rut.
How often do we complicate pleasure,
In the pursuit of pleasure.
The sky’s your limit,
Close your eyes and feel your heart.

Setting off to lands of kings and earls,
Waves uncurl, let the sails unfurl.
The port is near, the bells you hear,
A mile of warm sea scented beach,
A voyage’s almost done.

If I may say goodbye,
I shall say it with a thousand paper boats.
For each has a port-o-call, a destination,
And a poem I wrote.