Fire on Fire.

Fire on Fire by Sam Smith. This song is about uninhibited love and passion.


Lights Pt 2.

Brought my mum and aunt to watch 2 fulldome shows at Omni Theatre; Aurora Borealis and Space Next. Had a lot of fond memories at the Science Centre, it was nostalgia to visit again.

Wrote a short poem on Aurora Boraelis in 2016 and because of the show, I shared it with a friend. With her whimsical pen, she bounced off a reply almost instantly. Impressive.

And I threw her with another, she did the same. For a moment we seemed to be exchanging replies in poems like Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning.

With her permission, I’m pasting it here.


The hue in the northern skies,
A luminescent glow that splayed snow.
Heavens abstract array of colors,
A mystical curtain unveil to behold.
May you see that beautiful blaze tonight,
Au aurora display of the northern lights.


Did the sky, the snow or the colors attract your eyes,
Did your eyes glaze when you were mesmerized?
The beautiful blaze may have captured your soul,
What about the person who compliments your whole?

Time Stops.

“Relationships fueled by love, trust, companionship, chemistry, kindness, respect and tenderness seem to have what it takes to weather the storms and the trials and tribulations that life throws their way.

These are the things that we can’t see with our naked eyes or hold in our hands, but rather feel them in our hearts and sense them with our souls.”

An excerpt from an article. A reminder to look at someone beyond superficial. I’m grateful for R, she’s my strength and determination to better myself every day.

Social Media.

It is I.

I do not have FB, Instagram or Twitter. Neither do I have Linkin, there isn’t a need for personal branding or professional marketing, for me.

I do not post visuals and I’ve no facials. I protect identities with abbreviations and if I must, I write metaphorically. I erase any traces of myself from the internet as I do not leave footprints. I value my privacy and I shun social media.

Why should I satisfy your curiosity.

Networking and number of likes meant nothing to me, I do not seek validations nor accreditation. My touch is personal and I only walk with friends, not many are.

If you think I’ve all the time, energy and money in the world, you are mistaken. That’s because you were once my priority.

Besides E and R, no one visits this private blog or at least not that I remember. This is perhaps the only virtual realm I rant and monologue in, to feel better. Here is where my seratonin and melatonin release.

So who are you. Why do you check in. How can you be a friend when I don’t even hear from you. You are either a friend or non-existent. I question us.

Cigarettes After Sex.

The ambient group performed in SG last August. I bought the tickets but similar to Evita, things didn’t go as planned. The timing was bad, not fated, never meant to be.

It’s better to destruct, erase and forget one’s existence. She meant a lot but it was only a delusion.

I wish you fields of shamrock green, each petal brings a wish.

Listening to the full album brings back some memories. I like most of their tracks, especially these.

1. Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby
2. Keep On Loving You
3. K
4. Starry Eyes

After 30.

An article writes that it is difficult to make friends after 30. People have greater work and family commitments, true. But from how I see it or rather experience from it, it is the inability to create effective bonds due to self-imposed restrictive criteria.

We develop a set of guidelines, rules and even a checklist to define bonds from the moment we interact. Drawn to negatives more than positive qualities, we judge a character almost immediately. How often do we reflect upon ourselves towards others? Our arrogance, our acquired tastes and the principles and ethics we demand outwardly. Seldom do we compromise or tolerate differences. There will always be ‘someone else’ who understands us and shares ‘similar perspectives’. Are we not always righteous because we are proud?

To sum it all, we are simply self-centered, selfish and insensitive.

I am fortunate to have a close friend who doesn’t even subtly tell others her greatness and achievements. Outstandingly, she doesn’t manipulate others to her benefits and her positive energy is infectious. With her encouragement and support, I am stabilizing, improving and recovering.

Friends don’t hurt friends.

Like a heart that needs a beat, when the 2 worlds collide, it is the best thing that has happened to me, I am finally ready. Through life’s thick and thin, I want to grow old with this person who is of caliber. This year is becoming a happy year for me. It is my new beginning. It is now.