Valentine’s Day.

A few months ago R’s friends had already reserved a table at Tipo 00 for today. Melbourne is said to have numerous Italian restaurants and this is suppose to be very good. She said she had the best squid ink pasta and mango panacotta. It was a “transcendent” dining experience. I was more than starving when I read her texts.

My day was great too except for the intermittent rain as if it had a voiding difficulty. I fed 3 strays. The last was a darling. She actually jumped onto the table and greeted me.


Feeding The Strays.

Located in Sunset Way, Polypet stocks a wide variety of pet food at wholesale price. We usually get our supplies there. Rhea and Bailey eat Royal Canin Feline Light. Bought an extra packet the other day. Intention was to feed the hungry. Made a mistake, should have selected a different nutrition. Unlike my cats, the strays need to fatten up. Keeping cat food and Friskies Party Mix in the car boot. And wherever I drive to, there’s more than sufficient to feed.

I read more now. Have started on a new book, The Memoirs Of An Amnesiac by Oscar Levant. He was a talented pianist with great wit. Could be schizophrenic. Not sure.

Happiness isn’t something you experience, it’s something you remember.

This is one of Oscar Levant’s famous quotes. And in sheer audacity, I beg to differ. On the contrary, happiness should be related to emotions and should be experienced. It is a state of contentment. Doesn’t make sense to reminisce over a feeling.


2016 is coming to an end. New year, new beginnings. I foresee I will be really busy till June 2017. Same for R. We hope to pick fruits in Japan when all’s done. She is the only one I wish to spend time with now.

My primary focus is work and a new commitment to the welfare of stray cats / dogs. It’s good to know there are pet food importers and retailers who are willing to support animal shelters by matching 1-to-1 food donations and societies who save the lives of many cats and dogs through vaccination, sterilization, rehoming and care giving.

Cat Welfare Society

Cat Welfare Society Facebook

Only 4 societies in Singapore are granted an Institute of Public Character (IPC) which means they can issue tax deductible receipts for public donations. Cat Welfare Society is one of them. Corporations and foundations that include animal welfare in their portfolio will benefit from this. Unfortunately not all businesses are animal lovers. Non profit organizations and societies with / without IPC continue to find it a challenge to raise funds so as to maintain and sustain their daily operations.

2017 will be a year of many changes.

The Unexpected.

To think Rhea is aloof and that she is hungry when she nuzzles close, I am wrong. She actually shows affection with her head bunting and slow blink cat kisses especially nearing bed time. I would like to think she enjoys sitting near me, outside the bedroom or at the dining room when I had to work late nights.

She used to say Rhea and I share a special bond.

Yesterday, I couldn’t be more comforted. Cried my heart out when Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years played. Shivered and choked. Rhea came right to me and rubbed her head against my lap. When I hugged her, she gave me some scratchy-tongue kisses and continued to nuzzle. Had never felt this prolonged bonding. She could feel me, it could be love.

I felt it too and I love you.

rhea and bailey.

Rhea and Bailey together with 8 other kittens were rescued from the drain in March 2012. We adopted them when they were only 2 weeks old. Rhea is greedy and overweight. She snacks. A LOT. ie. seaweed, chicken in a biskit and hovers around even when we eat fruits. Completely obsessed with paper balls and aces in the game “Fetch!”. Bailey is more docile and lady-like. Unlike Rhea, she thinks chasing after paper balls and displaying Ronaldinho ‘s dribbling magic is a waste of her time. She prefers to just chill and tan in the balcony.

(Left : When they were 3 to 4 weeks old. Right : Rhea after a dribbling session.)