After 30.

An article writes that it is difficult to make friends after 30. People have greater work and family commitments, true. But from how I see it or rather experience from it, it is the inability to create effective bonds due to self-imposed restrictive criteria.

We develop a set of guidelines, rules and even a checklist to define bonds from the moment we interact. Drawn to negatives more than positive qualities, we judge a character almost immediately. How often do we reflect upon ourselves towards others? Our arrogance, our acquired tastes and the principles and ethics we demand outwardly. Seldom do we compromise or tolerate differences. There will always be ‘someone else’ who understands us and shares ‘similar perspectives’. Are we not always righteous because we are proud?

To sum it all, we are simply self-centered, selfish and insensitive.

I am fortunate to have a close friend who doesn’t even subtly tell others her greatness and achievements. Outstandingly, she doesn’t manipulate others to her benefits and her positive energy is infectious. With her encouragement and support, I am stabilizing, improving and recovering.

Friends don’t hurt friends.

Like a heart that needs a beat, when the 2 worlds collide, it is the best thing that has happened to me, I am finally ready. Through life’s thick and thin, I want to grow old with this person who is of caliber. This year is becoming a happy year for me. It is my new beginning. It is now.



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