06th June.

Date a girl who doesn’t need you,
She’s already happy on her own, I know.
Her life overflowing with love,
Packed and ready to go.

Dependent on her independence.
She knows her priorites and options,
Focused and precise in her executions.

She’s tricky to meet,
But gives herself fully when she does.
She values your opinions,
And listens to your heart.

She likes that you are who she’s not,
She already knows who she is.
She doesn’t pit her success with yours,
But paces you to leap and seek.

She sends your heart racing,
Toe to toe when faces are close.
She’s nature’s shimmery glow,
A hardest hue to hold.

Date a girl who doesnt need you,
In a rapture of a kiss,
She will embrace you with such passion.
Where madness melts in bliss.


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