Supposedly most have a morning regimen routine. I do too. I will drink Ayataka, read and reply messages, check and reply emails, read the news, read my notes for the day, shower and zip out to work.

Normally I will read the current affairs and skip all the K-Variety and Malaysia political drama news. Yesterday I felt nauseous having greeted by this headline “Teen arrested over gang rape of a 15yo streamed live on Facebook”. And watched by 40 over people without reporting the incident, as said.

Did the perpetrators feel a rush of adrenaline sexually assaulting someone or having streamed the entire ordeal live? As for the 40 over creeps, ain’t it bizarre to even think they could watch a crime committed live?

WTF. Seriously.

There’s equal amount of good and bad news in the world but bad news dominate the headlines or so. I prefer good news but what really capture my attention is negativity. We tend to feed on negativity.



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