Come What May.

Come what may. At the mention of this phrase I’m reminded of Moulin Rouge. Around the same period there was also Enya’s May it be, one of the songs from Lord of the Rings.

Fast forward 14 years, the last I heard of it was from S. She had this scribbled on her avatar except that she added “So”. So come what may. She said it sounded nicer.

It’s a nice phrase. I was actually inspired and wrote a poem.

Refreshing and somewhat pleasantly surprised by what life has to offer. I should think it’s in the lines of As you wish or maybe even Omakase, basically leaving it to the chef to cook whatever he wants for his diners.

Some of us start the day  with an agenda or a schedule, some go with the flow. Some travel with an itinerary, some like it free and easy. Some make plans, even life goals, weeks months years in advance, some based it on senses and intuitions. Come what must, come what may.

I am the rigid one who likes to plan in advance. When I was still in college, I dreamed of a job that would enable me to have a sustainable income. I wanted a home sweet home with earthly colored furniture, warm lights and air-conditioned. I wished I would find my soulmate (not knowing what soulmates really mean) and hoped to have a small but happy family. For the next 10 years I worked blindly towards it. The pursue was quite intense wanting to achieve and complete my circle of life. As I moved along, this circle became wider, priorities shifted, plans changed and the need to rethink, regroup, reschedule. Usually it revolved around “because of”.

Then I guessed everything that matter came to a sudden halt and my life took a sharp turning point. I didn’t realize I was gripping so hard my hands bled, metaphorically. It actually hurt. Pain and trauma, not able to describe that feeling.

Letting go gives me a sense of stillness and calm. In another perspective, it’s omakase to god, leaving it to fate. Except for the intermittent spikes of extremities when memories are stoked ie. I have a sworn enemy and the slightest thoughts of her will cause an immediate rise in my blood pressure and exploding emotions. Else, I am relatively in inertia. I am still a planner, it’s the personality, just not as far ahead as before.

Come what come may so come what may, whatever comes to pass will pass.


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