Counsellor vs. Psychologist.

And so I’d read and asked. What’s the difference between a counsellor and a psychologist.

Well, a counsellor focus on the clients’ (not patients’) concerns and difficulties by understanding their thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns which may have caused them problems. And with that understanding, they assist their clients in making changes to better their lives.

A psychologist is an expert in human behaviour and emotions (like Dr. Gillian Foster in Lie To Me). They have the research and practical skills to help individuals cope with stress, anxiety and to manage their lives. They especially help and treat patients with mental illnesses or mental disorders to function.

I updated her on my first counselling session and compared it to hers. She laughed at herself for intentionally being unprofessional. She acknowledged she was having her fun with all the therapeutic treatment sessions (that’s what she said) we have had, reading Sigmund Freud, drawing diagrams, talk therapies and applying reverse psychology doing the suggested opposites. As a friend, she wanted to add some sprinkles to my life then. Well, she had me fooled but I enjoyed her company nevertheless.

In my situation, it’s said to be normal. It’s neither an illness or a disorder. No therapies or treatment programs are necessary. Counselling best suits me.


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