Monologue Pt 3.

Do opposites or similarities attract? In relationships, opposites attract is a myth and it defies the law of physics. It took almost 2 years worth of statistics to finally come to this conclusion. I want to disagree very much but it is so. “Birds of the same feathers flock together” and Justin Timberlake’s Mirror make sense now. Ultimately the person who will be one’s chosen half is someone who shares similar life perspectives and literally almost everything else ie. music, food, lifestyle, choice of words. Wouldn’t one be a narcissistic falling in love with oneself? Oh you’ll be damn surprised.

Recently my spirits are lifted by a few strangers. They make me happy simply by enjoying the cat biscuits and treats. This, is happiness.

Back then, some said expectations come disappointments and this could be the reason why I was upset or unhappy. Not entirely true. No.

Expectations not in the form of being reciprocated or to be returned equally. I just know I am contented and happy when I see these cats enjoying the food I bring to them. What returns have I received? Their enjoyment.

My sleeping hours are messed up and I have neglected my work. Don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. Definitely lost.

And I like Jimmy Fallon’s impersonation of President Donald Trump. He makes me laugh.


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