Monologue Pt 2.

With the advance in technology we are more connected than ever, or are we really.

It is the chinese lunar new year and businesses mail out electronic greeting cards wishing suppliers and customers prosperity and informing all the number of days they will be closed during this festive period. Friends and family members send animated video clips, jpeg files or simple text messages with emojis wishing all good health and a happy new year. There are plenty of human interactions digitally. Technology supposedly brings us closer or does it actually keep us apart.

The society has evolved to scrolling through FB and Instagram feeds to stay updated on the affairs of friends. They are mostly one way interactions per se. You mass send, I’m one of the receivers and perhaps I reply. You post, I read and well I “like” to let you know you are in my prayers. Business deals can be closed without a hand shake, cooked meals are dispensed via a vending machine and one can hitch a cheap ride effortlessly by installing an award winning app.

Shouldn’t genuine connections take effort and in person. In my old school perspective, nothing beats¬†sending or receiving a hand written note or a paper card with at least a personalized message. Or having a proper conversation with anyone over a drink or an occasional meal. Everything else to me is simply convenience and superficial.

And with having such notions, I remain a misfit in this society and will always be.


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