New Year.


There are things I miss that I shouldn’t,
And those I don’t that I should.

Sometimes we want what we couldn’t,
Sometimes we love who we could.

Lullabies – Lang Leav

A thoughtful gift from C which is received with appreciation. Lullabies by Lang Leav is a collection of poems which is about the journey of love. It is an easy read and it is suppose to help me sleep better. It does. Thank you.

R’s gift is edible and practical. She brought home a box of fish oil and vitamin C supplements and scribbled in her illegible handwriting “Merry Christmas! Eat.”

I must have given others the impression I’m unhealthy.

My gift to her will be fruits picking in the Gunma prefecture which I’m still saving for it. And so on Christmas Day, I cooked her favorite sambal chilli prawns and wrote a promissory note.

New year is coming, another set of new beginnings. I live by 2 elucidated extremities, yes or no, for or against, love or hate. I do not believe in being hypocritically cordial. My promises to return will always be twice or more for what I’ve received.

Somehow it took awhile to figure this idom, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I will never want to look back.

Life is a journey and the experiences I’ve had especially with people are priceless.


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