Used to be my favorite season of the year. Now it is just.

Dear God, how are you. Happy birthday to Jesus. I am still confused with the holy trinity but it sounds wholesome nevertheless. You are strange in showing me your fatherly love. It’s like Aqualung’s Strange and Beautiful. You gave the most precious gifts one could only be grateful but you took everything away and flung me right down the abyss. Incomprehensible. Were you showing me life. Did you actually use me for your purpose.

You are the only deity I know and so while I bled picking up shards, I prayed to you for comfort and strength. Glad you didn’t forsake me, I felt your presence. Or so I wired my thoughts to think I’d felt your angel’s presence. Been coming 2 years? My pace was really really slow but I didn’t stop walking, thought you should know.

In adversities you dotted my gloomy sky with twinkling stars. I tried to keep all of them in my left pocket but I couldn’t. I tried to hold on to one shooting star but lost it. It’s like wow look, a shooting star, make a wish and then it’s gone forever. It could be fated. Or was it already written in your book of destinies.

I kept another in my right pocket. It’s in a pouch bag, knotted. It’s exclusive. Please, be magnanimous. I’m comfortable with just a handful of stars so kindly leave this alone.

Well then, happy birthday and Amen.


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