Balance Sheet.

Mr L, a very experienced and successful entrepreneur once said to a few of us in all his years in business, he only sponsored rice. Till today, this is the only commodity he will give to just one organization once every year. To other multiple miscellaneous mails that spammed his mailbox he would not hesitate to delete or reject them, even requests from his regular clients or family associates. He told us being selfish is good. How so? He said just look at him. Indeed, he’s healthier and happier. We chuckled.

For myself, I often mix business with friendship, the way I couldn’t separate self and us in a relationship. How far will you walk? Till my shoes are worn and beyond. Is that necessary? Not at all. Am I asked to do so? No, I offered. The problem lies with me.

Reflecting on his perspectives, I think he gave us a valuable lesson in life that day. Not to be selfish or selfless but the wisdom to ascertain and differentiate. Just like a balance sheet, check your assets, liabilities and equities.


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