Monologue Pt 1.

Do you write? I do. I don’t post pictures, I just write. I write chunks of vomit it’s amazing some read them like a news feed. Or perhaps an entry means I’m still alive. Or do I visually entice you to digress, it’s entertaining isn’t it. Good to hear. I assume I do not know you, stranger.

I write to R, literally. And a good doctor will dutifully reply. Or maybe she thinks I’m at the brink of insanity again and feels the need to address. There’s so much swooshing around in my head sometimes I pray for amnesia.

Good weather in Melbourne, sizzling hot soon. Very much hope to spend a quiet Christmas there but plans change, it’s almost impossible for me. Maybe R will sashay home wearing a velvet santa hat with white faux at my door on Christmas eve. Nope, she will never do that. Or maybe she will? Good to imagine.

I need an expert to guide me through the maze of import and export logistics so that I can better educate my client. The freight or courier charges + duties are ridiculously high they match the product costs or even greater. It is not just the weight that matters, it’s the volume. What is my client thinking. Oh, it’s their 30th anniversary, they have the budget. Right.

This is a perfect entry of a monologue. And I’m alive 🙂


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