2016 is coming to an end. New year, new beginnings. I foresee I will be really busy till June 2017. Same for R. We hope to pick fruits in Japan when all’s done. She is the only one I wish to spend time with now.

My primary focus is work and a new commitment to the welfare of stray cats / dogs. It’s good to know there are pet food importers and retailers who are willing to support animal shelters by matching 1-to-1 food donations and societies who save the lives of many cats and dogs through vaccination, sterilization, rehoming and care giving.

Cat Welfare Society

Cat Welfare Society Facebook

Only 4 societies in Singapore are granted an Institute of Public Character (IPC) which means they can issue tax deductible receipts for public donations. Cat Welfare Society is one of them. Corporations and foundations that include animal welfare in their portfolio will benefit from this. Unfortunately not all businesses are animal lovers. Non profit organizations and societies with / without IPC continue to find it a challenge to raise funds so as to maintain and sustain their daily operations.

2017 will be a year of many changes.


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