The least you can keep is your dignity. Keep walking, don’t look back.

During R’s short sting as a counsellor here, she had treated a few patients who were substance abusers. Some recovered some relapsed. Most relapsed. Counselling is not for the faint hearted and I agree. I also learned that more than 50% of new drug abusers in SG were abusing ice. The percentage is much higher than heroin, cocaine or cannabis.

One of the successful stories was a boy who turned 21 today. He was a former meth addict. They are still keeping in contact and R asked if I could buy a cake for him on behalf. Well yes, I got him a Lady’s M signature mille crepe cake and scribbled “Rebirth – From R”.

To be reborn you need to die first. The least it shall be in dignity thus coming forth anew in splendor.


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