The place I wish to be at now is 6000km away. It is debatable if technology brings people together or keeps a wedge but nevertheless I am grateful to be connected.

R sent a screenshot of where she is staying and asked me to just remember this street view. “After the flags.” What kind of direction is that.


Then we happily chatted about her work. I’d rather not talk about life here.

Am not aware there are statistics modules in psychology, not just theories and concepts. In fact quite a fair bit of mathematics. R’s notes has frequency distributions and scatterplots. They are suppose to be organized data but hers look rather disorganized to me. Only she can read her notes. Maybe it’s the lighting. She said data collected is used to test and gauge hypotheses which are vital in her experiments.

If statistics are used to depict frequency of occurrences, my plot of a particular event would have had red flags all over.


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