Garlic Burns.

Cooking is a great distraction and therapy. It somehow helps balance my sanity and maintains a certain level of happiness. I am challenged to whip up 10 dishes (any 10 appetizers, entrees, desserts or drinks) by Sept and happily accepted it.


01. Spicy prawns & clams linguine
02. Borsch soup with beef and vegetables
03. Lobster bisque soup
04. Black pepper beef burrito (failed – I cannot wrap a burrito)
05. Mash potatoes with sour cream, onions, cheese and bacon bits
06. Seafood fried rice (this is my ultimate)
07. Chinese stir fry noodles
08. Mini cheesecake!
09. Avocado smoothie with gula melaka
10. Sambal chili prawns with hongkong chye sim (In-Progress)


11. Claypot rice with chicken, mushrooms and chinese red wine sausages
12. Chili crab mee goreng
13. Nuts and berries parfait
14. Liquid tiramisu


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