Huckleberry Friend.

I guess R comes the closest to being my huckleberry friend. There’s mutual adoration without the flirtation, like the lyrics in the song Moon River. We became friends at the most bizarre of situations a year ago and what I appreciate most about her is that she doesn’t feed me with violins or electronic well wishes, she literally walks with me.

Her favorite man of all times is Sigmund Freud. Because of her I’ve learned that he is the father of psychoanalysis. R often uses his theories to explore and understand the human mind. She treats her patients, not all but most because of repress memories, use prohibited drugs to ease their sufferings. Repression is unconscious. And when the human mind consciously and deliberately pushes away traumatic and unhappy thoughts, it’s suppression.

Her goal, like Sigmund Freud, is to help her patients bring repressed memories, their fears and unhappy thoughts to the level of consciousness, awareness and to keep a healthy balance between the 3 levels of Freud’s human mind; conscious, unconscious and subconscious.

I have deep respect for what she does professionally and perhaps a little fascination on the world of psychology. After 5 years of savings and waiting, she will be returning to Melbourne to earn her doctorate in clinical psychology.

This is one scheduled flight departure I will not miss.


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