Finding Silence.

Time is nature’s miraculous teacher and healer. Neither do the voices in my head yearn for release now nor do they search tirelessly for an explanation using multiple perspectives when logic fails to provide a definite answer.

In the process of exploring and questioning, I could have found what I was looking for. I have found a type of silence that is not deafening and with no haunted emotions. This silence only brings me calmness and an acceptance to things that fall under the free will category of others. It seems to protect me from being hurt by individuals past and present, who were / are selfish, self-centered, unappreciative and taking others for granted. It gently reminds me to refrain from questioning why and how. It only encourages observations, acceptance and offers advice to shrug off negativity with a bad hair day. Shit happens, yes lesson learned and paid for let’s move on.  

The law of physics states. An action has an equal and opposite reaction. Mine would be, I’ve noted and I’m sure. Somehow it doesn’t sit well with me, it’s up to you.


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