Personality Test.


Heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test? It is a hypothetical theory but nonetheless an inward inspection of oneself.

In expression, we are predominantly extroverted or introverted.

In digressing information, some prefer trusting their intuition rather than by sensing concrete and tangible information.

When it comes to making decisions from the daily nuts and bolts to those important life ones, some prefer to think and decide from a detached point of view whereas some prefer to feel, empathize, weigh and balance the consequences before deciding their moving forward plans.

For lifestyle preferences, some follow a to-do list, they are old fashion, organized and prefer everything to be in place because everything should be in place. Why? Because the world is built on fundamentals, so they think. And some are adaptable to their surroundings, they like to go with the flow, their desk can be a heap of mess but they know exactly where their things are in spite of chaos.

There are 16 personality types. What are you? I am a ISFJ-T personality type. Assertive would be nice but no, I am a Turbulent.


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