Enjoy Your Vacation.

R is the best and the worst mate one can have. I am like her guinea pig in some unorthodox psychology counselling analysis. All the time. I’m not sure if she’s trying to slice open my skull to check if the level of my cerebrospinal fluid is sufficient to buffer for my brain’s cortex or if she’s trying to put me through some cognitive behavioral therapy, again.

Recently my temper flew off the handle in a snap when some very bad memories were evoked. Simply put, I am suppose to understand and practice replacing thoughts that lead to unhappiness to thoughts that lead to joy and emotional fulfillment. And I’m suppose to memorize everything in 5 steps. And she randomly fixed me up on some meet-the-stranger session to get to know people from various professions.

My body purged in retaliation. Been under the weather and still, under the weather. I just want everything to be at status quo, focus on work and home furnishings now.

Bon voyage. Take your time. Don’t come back too soon. Enjoy Sydney. Will not miss you much when you’re gone?


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