Moving On.

It has been a roller coaster ride for 2.5 months. The lows, very lows, and the gradual highs. I can feel happiness and exhilaration and the next moment in anxiety and absolute dsyphoria. I can’t identify if happiness is real? But I can validate sadness.

There are many articles on Thought Catalog and this article best suits me.

Moving On Is Easy, Letting Go Is Hard:
Moving On Is Easy, Letting Go Is Hard

Well said. There is no real ending, it’s just the place where you stop the story. – Frank Herbert.

I am no angel. And I am sorry that I’d caused you hurt to the point of no return. I did not know how to manage my stress and anger. Neither did I know how to handle my emotions around you. I was happy because I was in love. I went about my activities around you building our future but neglected the foundation. At times, I was exasperated because I couldn’t / can’t get to you. For all grievances you had towards me, you chose to speak only once and bottled away. These unhappiness were not forgotten neither were they forgiven. Over time, they only accumulated. When our opinions differ and we had arguments, you found them exhausting to align them in our discussions. On the surface you went along but at the back of your mind you had a different direction.

I loved you more than anything. I would have walked your path with you if only you had let me in and gave me time to adjust. But you gave up on me before I even realized. I had not been a good partner and I had failed you in this relationship.

The only person that I ever wanted to spend the rest of my life with was the one that walked away. I am hurting and I need this pain to stop.


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