Reason. Season. Lifetime.

I was looking forward to dinner and I’d practiced layering shots for 3 weeks. I had a hunch that 06th would never come. Indeed. I was sacrificed for a night of drinking session and newer friends in her life. It was a night of good fun and post hangover brunch. Instagram has a funny way of time-stamping and indicating location and good times are shared. Lies are detrimental and they obliterate friendships and relationships. It was only a dinner date but it said so much.

Love for a person? Love for travels? Love for life?

You can tell a person from how she left her previous moving forward. It is almost unreal atad surreal. She has changed, at least her priorities are. I don’t think I can identify her now. Lost love can hurt so much it numbs but it can also make one feel more alive. We are quite the opposites.

There is a saying that people come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime. Everyone saw that I was seasonal except me. I guess the person I fell deeply in love with belongs to a part of history and it hurts. I am happy for her, in a way. In irony I am saddened and this moving on journey will not be easy for me.

Your happiness is already in celebration. Congratulations.


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