I never thought I would initiate a contact, I’m glad I did.
E summarized and gave me a new perspective in 31 texts.

I digressed and I understood.

Clarity for her could just be some time away, removed from the stress.

I think what’s important is that you realise that you don’t NEED anyone to be happy. Or to love yourself.

Self-destruction is simply that. Destructive. & well, not very helpful at all. We all feel loss. We all grief. But to have it consume you, is detrimental. To the ones who care about you, & most importantly, to yourself.

It’s quite apparent that you seem more invested in the relationship than she was. You just simply need to understand & accept that just because you want to be with her, doesn’t mean she’s right for you.

& it takes two hands to clap. If you’re the only one who wants it to work, it won’t. She needs to want this as much as you do. & even if she gets back with you now, things won’t be the same. & it’ll just be unhealthy. For you & her.

But just because you’re both wonderful people, doesn’t mean you’ll make a great pair. Commitment is a very scary thing. & not everyone can handle something like that.

& yes, if both parties are willing to right the wrongs, nothing is impossible. But that willingness & effort have to be equal from both parties.

I believe that when you meet someone, who wants you as much as you want them, it’ll work out.

You both filled a void in each other. But that’s really dangerous. You need to be self-sufficient. You have to WANT your partner.

You just need a new perspective. 🙂


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