A New Hobby.

I am encouraged to take up new hobbies or rekindle old ones. Besides nature walks, going back to regular swimming and reading simple french again, I’ve taken up a new liking to mixing cocktail drinks and layering shots.

For this new hobby, I’d purchased a shaker, a juicer, a jigger, a mixing spoon, a strainer and a few pouring spouts for speed regulating pours. These basic equipment are mainly for mixing cocktails.

For layering shots, it is the science and technique.


1. Alcohol is inversely proportional to the specific gravity.

2. Specific gravity is a number representation of the density of a liquid. The lower the number, the denser the liquid. The denser the liquid, the more it will sink.

ie. Water is 1.0, Kahlua is 1.14 (denser), Whisky is about 0.9 (less dense).

3. Cream based liqueurs tend to be lighter than non-cream based liqueurs.

4. When layering, use spouts and a spoon to regular the flow and control of the pour.

My dinners and mixing of drinks are only with and for people who hold a special place in my heart. I’m just like that. 06th of June seems far away.


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