Ctrl. Alt. Del.

What hurts the most is when you erase history. Our moments, our travel snapshots captured and frozen in time on your instagram timeline. Deleted, as if I must be rendered invalid in the virtual realm so that you can fit into your newfangled modernistic world of new charms. New experiences, new friends, new dates. I guess as cynical as it is, when a relationship ends, everything goes with it. I cherished those photos because I was part of that history and now they can only be safely locked away, in my memories.

In this journey, it is a new beginning. I understand the love I had was true and the sadness I feel is deep. In the process of closing, I free myself from the uncertainties and the delusions of an unknown sphere. I tremble at the thought that our paths will cross again but ironically, I hold on dearly to what will make me feel close to you; our cats, the trees, the nature walks and most importantly, the memories.
I miss you.


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