If I could travel the world with you again, the next shortlisted destination will be to Takayama, Japan. I’d liked to hold your hand and walk through the well preserved old town lined with shops, houses and sake breweries from the Edo period, taking in the sights and sounds. We should go in fall where the day is short and the night is long, where every leaf speaks bliss, fluttering from the autumn trees. The Hachiman festival, the festive boats and Karakuri performances, I want to experience them all with you. Let’s stay in an onsen ryokan and go for a pleasant walk, the Higashiyama Yuhodo, passing through temples and shrines.

I will walk as far as my legs can take me to see the spectacular mountain scenery and the alpine flora at Kamikochi with you.


Fall leaves fall,
The autumn foliage hue,
Shortened day, lengthened night,
Withered weeds resonates for you.
Dry leaves sweep the ground,
A lonesome rustling sound,
The robins sing and I may smile,
A wreath of snow, coming winter’s mile.

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