This Day.

The room is cleared of your belongings. You’ve packed your bags and left a space we have shared for almost 3 years. I understood our final conversation and I understood you needed space from me. I love you and there’s no one else I’d rather be with. I hope you can feel it.

I wish to believe that you still feel the same for me and if we are to be together again, we need do it differently this time. It will be an excruciating no contact period and I’m not even sure if I can heal completely to the point of dating someone that I don’t need. Or to be happy with myself and not because of. Or to love myself more than you. I’ve questions and doubts but at this juncture, I’d rather not think about them anymore.

When you called me affectionately, I broke down. When we hugged, I could feel your warmth. When I kissed you, I sensed a reluctance to reciprocate.

With deepest regrets, I’m sorry for the hurt I’d caused you. I wanted to bring you happiness but I’d brought you pain, tensions and unnecessary stress. I’ve failed you.

Now, I’m doing what is supposedly right to tune the wrongs. No one can explain the complexities of love. As ironic as it is, if being apart strengthens our love for each other, I will do whatever it takes to be away.

I really missed you. I really wish to believe you will come back.

With Love,



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