I come from a single parent Asian family. My mum brought me up in her traditional values. I was taught to be filial and to be successful in life so that mum will be proud of me. In the process of growing up, mum’s expectations and my personal needs and wants were intertwined. Nevertheless, I tried.

Have always wanted a simple family of my own. Nothing spectacular. Just a humble home with a stable income, a love whom I will spend the rest of my life with, pets and a place for mum so that I can take care of her.

Life has its funny twists and turns. Setbacks are lessons to be learned. We fell, bruised, scarred, and we picked ourselves up ready to take on more challenges. I think I’ve a strong will power to overcome obstacles and I push myself hard. But when it comes to love and emotions, I do not get attached easily but when I do, I’ve great difficulties detaching and letting go.

M has walked away carefree in search of her own happiness, in her own terms. This relationship is not what she desires and it has come to a point of her exhaustion to even try. She wants it differently, naturally. The only solution is, do nothing, come what may.

I kissed her goodbye yesterday and I could feel her reluctance to reciprocate. Nicely put, this love has evolved.

With her departure, I’ve decided to move out as well. There will be 2 feline members joining, Rhea and Bailey. Rhea is quite attached to me or maybe it’s just the room she’s familiar with. Bailey is affectionate but she chooses when to show her affections, in her own time only, and who she wants to nuzzle with. This is a new chapter of my life.


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