The Unexpected.

To think Rhea is aloof and that she is hungry when she nuzzles close, I am wrong. She actually shows affection with her head bunting and slow blink cat kisses especially nearing bed time. I would like to think she enjoys sitting near me, outside the bedroom or at the dining room when I had to work late nights.

She used to say Rhea and I share a special bond.

Yesterday, I couldn’t be more comforted. Cried my heart out when Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years played. Shivered and choked. Rhea came right to me and rubbed her head against my lap. When I hugged her, she gave me some scratchy-tongue kisses and continued to nuzzle. Had never felt this prolonged bonding. She could feel me, it could be love.

I felt it too and I love you.


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