The Sloop.

I imagine my love to be a sailboat. Let’s call her the modern sloop. This type of sailboat is a simple configuration of a single mask and two sails. Most effective when travelling upwind – against the wind.

She has the sexiest vinyl transfers on her sails, like tattoos on a curvy body. If you have not been to Canada, other than Calgary, see attachment. Ready to set sail for the seven seas and beyond. She is at leisure, cruising speed, the world is at her keel. Enjoying the sun, the breeze, the sights and the calming sounds of the waves.

I am like this ancient looking port along an inaccessible coast. Though worn due to occasional storms and rough waters, minimal amenities such as fresh water, food and shelter are readily available. The sloop has docked at me for awhile where she roams. At sea now and I am missing her, hope she remembers home.

Modern Sloop


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