6 years is not a short time. Many of my friends are either attached or married. From bachelorhood to family oriented individuals. They are focus in their careers and their priority is family or at least working towards building one.

Met an old friend yesterday. It felt good to know when I’m at my worst, in all aspects, someone whom I’ve not contacted for 2 years, readily comes to you and not leave you when you’re most vulnerable.

Happiness comes on your own terms.

She said she never did surround her happiness at the expense of her own. Indeed, why should anyone. However, I do not agree happiness should be built on others pain.

For me, I’d fallen deeply in love. My life had intertwined so much with hers that she, is my happiness, and depended on her. It was not just the notion of cohabiting, I’d lived by a traditional vow of forever. Put on hold my proposal as business was going through crisis and shortly after, it spiraled downwards.

At this juncture, I freeze trying to understand the definition of love. My body caves in. I only know we see love very differently.

Do you? Yes I do.


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