Clipped Wings.

I will not give up friends.
And she would give me up for online stranger(s).

Lies are detrimental to relationships, they obliterate trust. Especially so when an infidelity was uncovered and repeated. In order for trust to be rebuilt, there must be a reasonable and conscious leap of faith in being transparent. An effort, a joint effort.

My temper overshadows my sanity. The hurtful words are never intended. But her indefinite silence is always that lethal dose to my insistence for an alignment, an understanding and an agreement to a resolution. I hate myself for hurting her.

Addicted to virtual reality.

I hated her endless online socializing. I felt neglected and my very presence taken for granted. I am real and I am boring. I am unable to conceal my flaws and hide my stress. I am not virtual.

The least you could do is respect me as your partner.

When we fought, I’d wanted to destroy social media and they were embedded in her macbook and smartphone. The more she was possessive over them, the more I’d wanted to cause damage. We were both hurt. Or this is so it seems for her to walk away after an explosion with buried grievances and dissents unleashed like hell hath no fury.

The underlying problem is greater than this.

Your heart is not here wanderlust, take flight and be free.
Renew your bucketlist, do whatever you must.


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