“Mental illnesses or disorders are innate and unseen by the human eye.”

The SG Mental Health Film Festival will be held at The Projector from 21st to 24th Feb ’19. This year the organization is showing 11 films with panel discussions and workshops. The aim of this festival is to challenge social stigma, decreases discrimination and hope to foster a spirit of compassion and acceptance.

In criminal cases, a forensic report by the good doctor or an expert testimony by a psychiatrist can be important mitigating factors in an insanity defence. They may not be clausal but they can be contributory to committing the offence. A ‘mental impairment’ does affect sentencing and in our courts, the Verdins principles (as for reference) must be applied with fairness and sensitivity.




Courage To Be Disliked.


Introspection is important and I pretty much need that. For every problem, especially with interpersonal relationships, I become withdrawn and reclusive.

I chanced upon this book and was drawn to the title I couldn’t pass.

Instead of pursuing happiness, perhaps this book can free me from the shackles on what’s troubling me for a very long time. Familiar to Freudian theory which is an understanding of our unconscious thoughts, Adlerian theory on Individual Psychology is new to me. The “Because of” and “Therefore” in my own life experiences take on different perspectives.

As I read on, I think of all the disconnections I have had. Adler suggests that all of us are able to completely change our lives. Perhaps our past has shaped us to who we are today,  it does not determine our future. By accepting what we can change and what we can’t, it is possible to live a better and happier life.


2018 is coming to an end. Reflecting, everything happened for a reason. Sometimes it is necessary to burn bridges and shed the baggages. When I threw the match with a plea of insanity that day, I knew I was never looking back. Except for the pockets of memories, they can only fade off with time.

When a door closes, another really opens. I have made tremendous progress having been diagnosed with mild depression and the relationship with my mum has improved. The medication kept me sedated and I hated them. R is also graduating, PhD in Clinical Psychology, I’m so proud of you, you did it.

I bought a home and happily shifted in. It was renovated to minimalist black & white and everyone loved the simplicity of it. Grey & Sanders imports the best tabletops and benches and I bought an american walnut bookmatch top and a bench that complimented it. This is the iconic piece of furniture in my dining area. The walls are painted sail white like canvas and I scribble my poems, proses & phrases that are encouraging and inspirational on them. I have written 39 poems since 2015 and only in sadness I can write. Now, I just can’t anymore.

I passed my exams. With home settled, I am more focused in my work. I am taking up more cases and every Tues, I continue to be the robinhood and spiderman I have always wanted to be as a kid, helping the less fortunate.

I am keeping a healthy balance at work, home, my health, with my parents and a few friends. Fate is what we cannot change. Destiny is what we can.

Life is full of surprises and I am finally breathing life. I come to understand that there are no right answers to my questions, I have asked them wrongly.

Am already looking forward to watching hanabi fireworks at MBS floating platform on NYE.

I wish you fields of shamrock green, may each petal brings a wish.


What are the type of gifts you will get for someone? There are no perfect gifts but gifts which are thoughtful, symbolic and practical are also a reflection of the one buying the gifts. If thoughts are quantifiable, I guess I will still buy someone an experience.

Lights Pt 2.

Brought my mum and aunt to watch 2 fulldome shows at Omni Theatre; Aurora Borealis and Space Next. Had a lot of fond memories at the Science Centre, it was nostalgia to visit again.

Wrote a short poem on Aurora Boraelis in 2016 and because of the show, I shared it with a friend. With her whimsical pen, she bounced off a reply almost instantly. Impressive.

And I threw her with another, she did the same. For a moment we seemed to be exchanging replies in poems like Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning.

With her permission, I’m pasting it here.


The hue in the northern skies,
A luminescent glow that splayed snow.
Heavens abstract array of colors,
A mystical curtain unveil to behold.
May you see that beautiful blaze tonight,
Au aurora display of the northern lights.


Did the sky, the snow or the colors attract your eyes,
Did your eyes glaze when you were mesmerized?
The beautiful blaze may have captured your soul,
What about the person who compliments your whole?


A lesson well learned,
Given and it shall be returned.
The manners it teaches,
Slaps me to the ground.
Polish my character, raise the bar,
Excellence is never too far.
Letting go doesn’t hurt,
It’s only the ego wearing a skirt.
Don’t be angry I’m hardly even,
Be the bigger person, respect is earned.