Within & Beyond.

1806 is a classic cocktail bar in Melbourne CBD, should be one of the best I’ve been to. It has over a hundred varieties of whisky from around the world. It is an exhilarating experience.

Another great place is Naked for Satan. A trendy and swanky bar at Fitzroy which serves delicious infused vodkas and tapas. Been awhile since I had appetite.

Seeing R again brings comfort, something which is greatly missing at home. Could be the familiar grin, her tardiness or perhaps her straightforwardness when putting things into perspectives. Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes. The eyes see physical and logic but the heart brings to light the emotions and the subconscious. R doesn’t judge me, she sees me from within and beyond. I have almost taken her convenience for granted.

This short trip is educational.

With the turn of events, Fugue in G Minor by J.S Bach reminds me of someone I have a crush on. I interpret the melody as a continuous interweaving of sadness. Listening to it makes me cry.


25th Nov.

ilLido at the cliff was dissapointing. P tried the D’Augustation menu and I had Burrata cheese for appetizer and Fetucelle for main. The food wasn’t warmed before serving and the taste was mediocre for a fine dining experience. Perhaps the meal already started off on a wrong foot.

Drinks post dinner at Oxwell & Co were bad too. Negroni was too sour and Penicillin tasted like cough syrup.

I made my confession and relatively, it turned out to be an unexpected twist, or was it.

Love is patient, love it kind.
Love is anything but mine.
I can see your smile on your face,
And feel your warmth your gentle embrace.

There’s so much to be said,
But some things are better left unsaid.
Love is understanding,
Sunrise sunsets, lights to behold.
If you can’t hold on, you can only let go.


Life is a journey and I see it as chapters of a book. Metaphorically, the book is our fate and the unfinished chapters are destiny. Some say life is a race but perhaps we should run it at our own pace. Given time and with each experience, we are able to explore, create spaces, improve inwardly and outwardly.

But pace is subjective. It is both quantifiable and unmeasurable. Some think 3 months is a lifetime and it is only the beginning come 3 years.

I guess in the pursue of happiness I have somewhat taken a back seat, it is to so come what may.


The Seas.

How brightly gleams the trackless seas,
How lightly dance the waves that play.
The restless waters seemed to say,
How many thousands miles away.

The sky still wears a crimson streak,
Some briny drops are on my cheeks.
I heaved a sign of cherished grief,
Listless apathy takes relief.